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We are an Austrian skincare manufactory that produces small, custom-made batches, all “Handmade in Vienna”. Dr. Temt offers hand-made, high-performance products in higher concentrations than other luxury brands with similar ingredients – VIENNESE BEAUTY, THAT IS MORE THAN SKIN DEEP.


A combination of modern, high-dose active ingredients with traditional Viennese emulsions.

in Vienna

Small, custom-made batches, all “Handmade in Vienna”.


Dr. Temt Laboratories produces innovative products with cutting-edge ingredients in small, custom-made batches.

Our products

Collagen Booster

Collagen Management line: A collagen-booster cocktail that stimulates the natural collagen production.

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Sensitive Skin

Resolution Sensitive line: A very mild yet effective skin care line.

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Eye Beauty

COMBINAL: Eyelash- & Eyebrow growth serum & Co.

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Clear Skin

Purity Clear line: Reduction and prevention of impure skin.

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Ultra Hydrating

Our Hydro Complex series provides you with intense hydration.

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Blue-Light Protection

Elience line: A cocktail of active ingredients to prevent fine lines and protect from HEV-Light.

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Anti Aging Advanced line: Supports firmness and ensures hydration for mature skin.

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A.H.A. – Peeling

Glycocid line: Helps to remove dead skin cells and restore youthful glow.

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Anti Aging Advanced

Anti Aging Advanced – Intensive Care 50ml


ANTI AGING ADVANCE INTENSIVE CARE Cream with its very rich texture is especially formulated for mature, dull and very dry skin.

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Collagen Management

Collagen Management – Contour Lift Serum 30ml


Intensive serum with a topical wrinkle-relaxing and collagen-enhancing effect. A combination of peptides helps to address the causes of skin sagging and loss of volume.

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Combinal – Expert Eyelash Booster 4ml


The EXPERT EYELASH BOOSTER Active Serum promotes eyelash and eyebrow growth.

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Elience – Age Defense Eye Cream 15ml


This cream is designed for the upper and lower eye area and helps to revitalize dull skin and to tighten and brighten the delicate area around the eyes.

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Promotes the production of collagen

The older we get, our elastin and collagen levels drops. This weakens the structure of the skin tissues. As a result, the skin loses volume, elasticity, firmness and resistance and depper wrinkles appear . Matrixyl 3000, the active ingredient of Collagen Management, supports the skin’s natural collagen production.

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Wrinkle reduction and protection of HEV-Light

The constant HEV radiation of smartphones and LED devices is inevitable, but with the active ingredient Arabian Cotton® you can protect your skin from it. Arabian Cotton® is a bio-antioxidant and helps against the blue rays.

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Protects firmness and ensures hydration for mature skin

Matured skin needs intensive moisture and extra care. Our highly dosed ingredients in the Anti-Aging Line helps to increase the natural production of collagen, reduces the appearance of deep lines and wrinkles and tightens the skin. It also helps to improve elasticity and resilience and promote cell renewal and hydration of the skin.

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COMBINAL home-care – all around the eyes

COMBINAL home-care offers a range of products – for “all around the eyes”. Eyelash and eyebrow growth serum  EXPERT EYELASH BOOSTER, natural lash conditioner –  VELVET LASHES as  well as a high-performance eye cream -EXPERT EYE TREATMENT with Micro Patch Technology – these products are a must-have in your beauty regimen.

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Handmade in Vienna – our formulas support the skin with highly concentrated active ingredients. A combination of modern active ingredients with traditional Viennese emulsions is the secret to our skin care products.

Whether it’s an anti-aging serum, an anti-aging cream or ampoules for mature skin – our active ingredients such as Matrixyl 3000 provide building blocks for the skin’s own collagen. Hyaluronic acid supplies the skin with moisture and vitamin C provide skin-restoring and soothing benefits for firmer, healthier skin. Impure and acne prone skin is treated with salicylic acid and the active ingredient PoreAway. Our skincare line Elience contains the active ingredient SynAke. SynAke is a synthetic snake venom, it acts like a muscle relaxant, only that it is not injected! SynAke helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. A.H.A. Peelings restore a youthful glow while firming and toning the skin. Highly effective and yet uncomplicated skincare regime that hydrates, protects and regenerates the skin! Dr. Temt offers hand-made, high-performance products with similar ingredients, but in higher concentration compared to other luxury brands. Hollywood’s finest made in Vienna – skincare for the conscious woman and man!